Good article! Got to show love to a fellow UVA b-ball manager. 🙂

SMH. Boy, 12, arrested over racist tweets at PL player - via @ESPN App

Hey @HawleyMO, rather than worrying about what ESPN or another country is doing, why don’t you worry about the track record of #PoliceBrutality in Missouri or the rising COVID cases in your state? #DoYourJob #PrioritizeTheLivesOfYourConstituents #BlackLivesMatter #COVID19

Support #StJude in honor of my fraternity brother! ❤️🙏🏾 After losing husband to COVID-19 in NY, St. Jude backer vows to continue mission - St. Jude Inspire | St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Such a sad story. God bless her soul! via @NYTimes

🤦🏾‍♂️ good job @NCLeg for adjourning while not addressing this...🤷🏾‍♂️ #NCLegislatureFailsNCAgain

I hope someone makes ⁦@KLoeffler⁩ an offer to buy out her ownership in the team and that she would sell. She’s clearly more concerned about her political career. Dream co-owner critical of WNBA's BLM initiative - via @ESPN App

Thought-provoking article...via ⁦@nytimes⁩

I hope they are arrested...🤦🏾‍♂️

Stop the celebratory gunfire please!!! My car was hit one New Year’s Day years ago and I still worry about hearing gunfire on holidays. God bless her soul! #StopCelebratoryGunfire

I hope Masahiro is ok. Get well soon! 🙏🏾 Tanaka hit in head by line drive, taken to hospital - via @ESPN App

"The blessings in which you, this day, rejoice, are not enjoyed in common. The rich inheritance of justice, liberty, prosperity and independence, bequeathed by your fathers, is shared by you, not by me...This Fourth July is yours, not mine."

- Frederick Douglass, 1852

If you cannot find a way to unify the people on what is supposed to be a holiday that unites US, you are truly unfit to serve as president.

🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ #WearAMask #SocialDistancing #StayAtHome #StayHomeStaySafe

A symbol of hate? How can you truly discharge your duties as president if all US citizens lives don’t matter? You’ve failed US. #Trump calls Black Lives Matter a 'symbol of hate' as he digs in on race

👏🏾✊🏾🗣 An 8-year-old boy organized a Black Lives Matter march for kids. Hundreds showed up.

While you were sleeping: North Carolina legislators restrict access to public records ⁦@NAACP⁩ ⁦@Sifill_LDF⁩ ⁦@nytimes⁩ ⁦@MrChuckD⁩ ⁦@donlemon⁩ ⁦@icecube⁩ ⁦@AttorneyCrump⁩ ⁦@MeritLaw⁩ ⁦@chrisstewartesq⁩

Powerful article ⁦@TheUndefeated⁩ and ⁦@dougglanville⁩ ✊🏾 The ‘comma effect’ on bias and Black lives

#Sermon: Reflect Upon Your Redemption in Times of Uncertainty #Christianity #Ministry #Redemption

Those responsible in the NYPD/police union leadership should be held accountable for causing such an uproar without evidence of intentional act.

Here we go with this “law and order” rhetoric again. Clearly ⁦@DanForestNC⁩ is aligned with the president. We must re-elect Gov. Cooper! #ReelectRoyCooper #VoteOuttheNCLegislature


❤️ Petty, Talladega field show support for Wallace - via @ESPN App

God bless ⁦⁦@MorgannnGoodwin⁩ & @marquisegoodwin⁩ ! 🥺 Praying for the new baby! 🙏🏾 Pain, perseverance and the promise of family for Marquise and Morgan Goodwin - via @ESPN App

Are you ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ threatening the very US citizens you were elected to protect? #NotMyPresident #Trump threatens #protesters ahead of Tulsa rally

#OTD in 1865, enslaved African Americans were notified of their freedom by Union troops in Galveston Bay, TX—two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was issued.

Known as #Juneteenth, this day is widely celebrated as the end of chattel slavery in the U.S. #APeoplesJourney

May God continue to bless you, ⁦@MooreMaya!⁩ Inside Maya Moore's stunning departure from basketball - via @ESPN App

We need a hate speech law in #NorthCarolina! ⁦@NC_Governor⁩ @NCLeg ⁦@NCHouseGOP⁩ ⁦@nchousedems⁩ ⁦@NCHouseSpeaker⁩ ⁦@zackhawkinsnc⁩ ⁦@NatalieforNC⁩

Great decision! I wish relatives of others with ties to #whitesupremacy would consider requesting their relatives’ statues be removed. #SilenceIsSupport #BlackLivesMatter #Removewhitesupremisciststatues

Wow. Thank you @Scotloyd for such a powerful expression of love. God bless Roy’s soul and God bless you. #BlackLivesMatter A letter to Roy. He's the black guy in my pictures. via @wordpressdotcom

Good article ⁦@hbryant42⁩! ✊🏾🗣Bryant: Why it matters that Goodell didn't say Kaepernick's name - via @ESPN App

⁦@PoliceWake⁩ your comment about more opportunities for ppl of color than white men was wrong & if you do not understand why, pls suspend your campaign. Black ppl face many obstacles to these “opportunities” as the issues raised of late demonstrate.

I’m joining #8CantWait to urge local mayors to enact policies that have the power to reduce police violence that results in death in our major cities by up to 72%. I urge you to join me. We simply can’t wait — too much is at stake. Learn more:

#Informative article! 💡Thanks ⁦@WRALSarah⁩ ⁦@WRAL⁩ and those contributing to the article. #Protest #SocietalChange #Change

Thank you Bishop Budde for speaking out against this desecration of the Bible and church building. 👏🏾 Bishop of DC church outraged by Trump visit: 'I just can't believe what my eyes have seen'

So when did #America become a #authoritarian #dictatorship? 🤔 #NotMyPresident #Trump encourages governors to use aggressive tactics on protesters

I see nothing wrong with this...🤣This Giants fan chucks his grandson's Eagles hat - via @ESPN App

👏🏾 C's Brown drives 15 hours to lead Atlanta protest - via @ESPN App

😢 Ripple effect of the coronavirus: College baseball programs canceled - via @ESPN App

#MentalHealthMatters #BlackLivesMatter #Stress

“The incident is another example of white people calling the police on African Americans for mundane things.” #LivingWhileBlack 😡White woman who called police on a black man bird-watching in Central Park has been fired

A good #message right here! Thank you Rev. Reed. “What God Requires for Our Prayers to be Heard & Answered” via @YouTube


Pastors who are willing to sue to open churches & lead members back into lethal situations violate the fundamental call of Jesus to love & protect our brother & sister.

It’s sad they can’t find a way to be church outside a building.

Rest In Peace Ms. Harris! Thank you for making an impact in our community! 👏🏾🙏🏾

😡😡😡 Emotional Video Shows 90-Year-Old #Grandmother Fall Trying to Shield Grandson from #Police After #TrafficStop: He's Scared!

The wheels of justice begin to move again. More progress, but a long way to go toward justice. #AhmaudArbery via @NYTimes

God bless your soul, Dr. Mahoney and the souls of your colleagues who bravely cared for the ill and lost your lives. #COVID19

A long, but intriguing story. 🙂 The untold story of what fuels Michael Jordan's legendary fire - via @ESPN App

Rest In Peace Betty Wright. 😢

Rest In Peace Little Richard. Hopefully you’ll now get the accolades that you deserved. Thank you for being a pioneer of a new sound. via @NYTimes

Wow...Rest in Peace Andre Harrell. Thank you for your contribution to the music of my generation and generations to come.

America's Racial Contract Is Showing - The Atlantic

Disclaimer: This is of a graphic nature, but necessary to share. #JusticeForAhmaudArbery. The public lynching of Ahmaud Arbery by Gregory and Travis McMichael via @YouTube

DrNina, Accepted to College at 13!!!

#BroadbandDesert #USGovernment needs to intervene before more fall behind academically.

Thank Rev. Dr. Barber and Rep. Joe Kennedy III for speaking out! Rev. Barber: ‘The people in power right now are too comfortable with other people's deaths'

Still important in light of our President’s poor daily responses to the COVID-19. Roland Martin To Paula White: Be A Prophetic Voice And Don't Just Be A P... via @YouTube

Powerful #ministry #message! “Depends on whose hands its in!” via @YouTube

😢 Missouri mother has lost 8 friends and family members to Covid-19. She hasn't lost her will to help others - CNN

Sad story, but something that must be shared. 🙏🏾 Former Michigan player says team doctor's abuse had lasting impact - via @ESPN App

🥺 #moving From ⁦@HerViewFromHome⁩ "I Remember Your Eyes." This Touching Story About a COVID Patient and His Kind Doctor Moved Us To Tears - Her View From Home

Rest In Peace, Mr. Dennehy.

‘The Immortal’ Martin Dihigo may have been the best baseball player ever

Good read. Sad, but a very true picture of the economic disparities lost in the story within the COVID-19 pandemic.

Very sad news, but a life well lived. Thank you Mr. Withers! via @NYTimes

God bless your soul, Rev. Lowery! Thank you for your contributions to the betterment of our people. Rest well!

🤣🤣🤣 These impersonations of Kareem and Magic are on point - via @ESPN App

Thank you MaryAnn for your contributions to the #DurhamNC community! God bless your soul.

RIP Curly! I was one of the many kids you brought so much joy to. God bless your soul! Harlem Globetrotters legend 'Curly' Neal, 77, dies - via @ESPN App

Wow, what a story of perseverance and determination despite extreme odds. 🙏🏾 for Jasmine to succeed! From homeless to hopeful, Jasmine Walker shares her journey - via @ESPN App

Thank you Ms. Johnson for your contributions to furthering space exploration & inspiring others to pursue their goals! God bless your soul! #KatherineJohnson, famed NASA mathematician and inspiration for the film 'Hidden Figures,' is dead at 101

God bless her soul! 🙏🏾 B. Smith, restaurateur and cookbook author, has died

Keep pressing onward ⁦@RevDrBarber! 🙏🏾👏🏾⁩ How William Barber II Uses His Faith to Fight for Justice | Time

Heart-warming article about #fatherhood! 👏🏾 Tulsa's Elijah Joiner, father reflect on college basketball viral moment - via @ESPN App

We rarely think about the connections...unequal access to things like the internet can impact so many other resources. #Disparities

#Jobs #NorthCarolina #TriangleNC #Lowes #RaleighNC #DurhamNC #CaryNC #MorrisvilleNC #WakeCountyNC

What a beautiful gesture, ⁦@DerrickNnadi #RespectDue #CongratulationsChamp⁩ 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 President Ryan ⁦⁦@presjimryan⁩ Announces Additions to ⁦@UVA⁩ Historic Landscape | #UVA Today

May God continue to bless your soul #KobeBryant 🙏🏾 Continuing to pray for the families and loved ones of everyone who lost their lives on that helicopter. 😢

The one thing about MLK's greatness everyone keeps missing

🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️Passenger takes over airport monitor for video game

God bless her soul! R.I.P. Judge Lewis! 🙏🏾 Brunswick County Judge Ola Lewis, 54, dies after cancer fight

#UVAHistory 😊 The #BlackBusStop is a landmark only a minority knew about—VIRGINIA Magazine

🙏🏾 for both of you, #AlexTrebek & #JohnLewis! #BeatPancreaticCancer Alex Trebek to Rep. John Lewis: Let's survive cancer in 2020

Very sad story...R.I.P. Bryce. 😞 #MentalHealthMatters #Poverty

Rest In Peace #DavidStern. Thank you for your role in growing the game of basketball and doing it while respecting the players. Since your #NBA career spanned my journey from childhood to adulthood, your loss is heartbreaking. May God bless your soul and comfort your loved ones.

🙏🏾 for ⁦@repjohnlewis⁩! Civil rights icon Rep. #JohnLewis announces he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer

Rest In Peace, Mr. Mendelson! #ChristmasTimeIsHere is one of my favorite #Christmas songs. And he passed on #ChristmasDay. I played the song that morning. Wow. #LeeMendelson dies; brought "Charlie Brown Christmas" to TV

🙂 #FayettevilleNC couple's 'Family Feud' #proposal gains more than a million views

👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Ward gets Gatorade bath after beating former team - via @ESPN App

Despite the situation, this was a kind act to help a fellow student-athlete. God bless you ⁦@BigSam_44⁩! Monmouth's Ibiezugbe carries injured Manhattan player off court - via @ESPN App

R.I.P. coach! Thank you for inspiring and mentoring others!#HermanBoone, inspiration for 'Remember the Titans,' dies at age 84

God bless the #BreakfastSantas!

This is cool! Much love out to @HairLoveMovie! 👏🏾 People Are Loving This Touching #ShortFilm About A #Father Learning To Do His #Daughter’s #Hair

God bless your soul, Radio! 🙏🏾'Radio' Kennedy, inspiration for 2003 film, dies - via @ESPN App

#Christmas #donations #support 🙏🏾 Bare shelves: #DurhamRescueMission ⁦@RescueDurham⁩ #needs over 5,000 #holiday #gifts for #children

Good cause to support! ⁦@InterAct_Wake⁩ that helps #domesticviolence #victims in need of #Christmas #donations

“The body hurts but the Spirit grows” -Lauren London

That shit truly stuck out to me! With every ounce of pain or heartache we get through it & we manage to heal learn and grow from that.

This could be great for the state of #NorthCarolina! 👍🏾 #NCGovernor: Bring #HBCUs into #TeachingFellows program

Let’s go to the doctor, fellas! No shame in #preventativecare! We also need more initiatives to encourage men to get checked out!💡#Healthcare #Men hate going to the #doctor and that could lead to bigger #health problems

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